About Koman

It is 1918, when Adriaan Koman, at the age of 11, has to earn a living for the family as a fisherman due to the death of his father. He goes out on the water every day from Werkendam to fish for eel, roach, bream and pike in the Biesbosch and on the rivers. The catch is sold “at the door” by mother Neeltje. A few years later, his younger brother Jaap also gets on board. Soon, in addition to their own catch, fish from fellow fishermen is also traded.

When Jaap's son, Huub, took over the business in the early 1970s and moved it to Moerdijk, he started focusing on the eel trade. Special tankers are purchased for this purpose, making it possible to transport the eel alive throughout Europe and even North Africa. Part of the quantity is still processed into a top product in our own smokehouse and is eagerly sought after by the hospitality industry, among others.

It was logical that soon, not only eel, but also all kinds of other fish species were added to the range. This allowed customers to be served at their beck and call. When Huub's sons, Jaco and Niels, also joined the business, it was possible to focus even more on the range, quality and service.

Nowadays, fish from all over the world finds its way to "Koman", while farmed fish is also an important part of the range. The customer can decide for himself what his preference is!

Koman's Vishandel is a modern company with a daily supply of both live and fresh fish and frozen fish products. Our own refrigerated trucks go to the customer six days a week, the eel wholesaler is SEG certified and many fish products carry the MSC label. Yet this family business likes to keep it 'close'. In customer contact and just as well in daily work. For example, filleting, proportioning and packaging are done internally and Jaco and Niels know their trade like the back of their hand. Logical: they helped in the business at a young age. And although the Koman of today can hardly be compared to the Koman of almost 100 years ago, the diligent fishing genes of the Koman brothers are still perfectly intact.