The eel


We source LIVE farmed and wild eels in all sizes and species from all over the world. These are sorted by us to size and then transported to the customer alive, cleaned or smoked. Our tankers with specially trained drivers ensure that the fish is transported under the best conditions.

These eels are now “SUSTAINABLY” farmed in farms and caught in areas/countries where catch limits and closed periods are in place.


We also participate in the release of glass eels and young thin farmed/wild eels throughout Europe in collaboration with the government of the country concerned. All this to get/maintain eel stocks in Europe.


We are affiliated with NeVePaling, DUPAN and SEG certified, which in short means that for all eel we sell in the Netherlands € 0.50 p/kg for whole smoked/fresh eel and € 1.00 p/kg for smoked eel fillets are deposited in the DUPAN fund, from which glass eel or young/thin eel is then purchased to be released in the Netherlands. But DUPAN, in collaboration with professional fishermen, also ensures that the adult sexually mature eels that want to migrate to the Saragasso Sea in the fall to spawn, but cannot leave the Netherlands through flood defences, locks, dikes, pumping stations, etc., are caught and placed in the sea. be released. You can read more about this at and