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Are you looking for a high-quality and reliable fish supplier for your catering business in Limburg? Then fish wholesaler Koman in Moerdijk is an excellent partner. In addition to our fish shop, we specialize in service for the catering industry. As a fishmonger, we ensure the best quality in fish and fish products!

We are the fish supplier for your restaurant in Limburg

As a fish supplier for the hospitality industry, we think it is important that you as a customer are satisfied with the fish you buy for your guests. We don't just take care of this a wide range to offer different types of fish, but also by ensuring that our fish can be delivered to you no less than six days a week. This way you are always provided with fresh fish. The quality of our fish must of course not be inferior to our service and that is why part of our range consists of our own catch and we even supply fresh eel in Limburg.

Photo from fish shop Komanvis

A selection from our wide range

The range of our fish wholesaler consists of several categories. As a fish supplier we offer:

  • North Sea fish
  • Atlantic fish
  • Freshwater fish
  • Flatfish
  • Shellfish
  • Shellfish

As you can see, we have plenty of choice for your restaurant!

Contact us for the order of your catering business

Not only in Limburg, but also in Brabant we supply fish. Would you like to place an order with our fish supplier? We are by phone 0168-412422 to discuss the possibilities for your catering business. Or take contact us via the contact page or our e-mail address.

Special catering service

Daily supply of live and fresh fish and frozen fish products takes place from all over the world. The refrigerated fleet provides the best service with a six-day delivery. In addition, our own inland fishing company catches live zander, among other things. Can't be fresher!

Filleting, portioning and packaging of the fish are all done within the company. In our own smokehouse, both farmed and "wild" eel are processed into a top product. Catering companies can email us for more information at

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