(In the Netherlands there are two varieties for sale: the Dorade rose (Sparus aurata) and the Dorade grise (Spondyliosoma cantharus).)

The usually small specimens of the dorade grise that appear on the market in the Netherlands come from the French coast. Due to breeding projects in Greece, Italy and Spain, the dorade grise is for sale all year round. The dorade rose can grow up to 70 centimeters in length and occurs in the same areas as the gray. The dorade rose sold in the Netherlands mainly comes from Ghana.

The dorade rose is silvery gray with a large black spot at the beginning of the lateral line, which continues on the top of the gill covers. On and over the head a gold-coloured band that is bordered by a dark zone. Maximum length 70 cm, usually 30-35 cm. The dorade grise has a dark gray back, silvery gray flanks with numerous brown longitudinal stripes. Maximum length 60 cm, usually 20-30 cm


The dorade has a strong, full taste.

Method of preparation

Both types are best stewed, baked, grilled or fried.

Nutritional values

No info.


Avoid / Catch

The dorade grise en rose is generally found in the Mediterranean Sea, eastern Atlantic Ocean from central Norway to Angola.

Fish fact

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More information

The dorade grise is a type of sea bream and is supplied all year round. The wide variety of species gives southern fish markets a colorful appearance. In some countries, in particular Spain, sea bream species from distant sea areas (particularly southern Africa) are also imported. Fresh or frozen. Intuitively seems to prefer fresh, but frozen quality, especially in southern countries, can be by far the better choice.