(Scophthalmos rhombus)

The brill belongs to the turbot family and, together with the turbot, is the most valued fish in this small family. The two fish are similar both in taste and appearance. The brill is more oval in shape and often lighter in color than the turbot. Furthermore, the turbot has hard lumps on the skin, while the brill is 'smooth'. In terms of taste, brill is hardly inferior to turbot

Griet has big eyes, without bony plates and a big mouth. The color of the fish is light brown to reddish brownish gray. The brill's skin feels smooth. Maximum length 75 cm.


Brill is a moderately oily fish with a fine structure and a slightly more neutral taste than turbot.

Method of preparation

Stewed, baked or fried.

Nutritional values

402 kJ / 96 kcal, 2.9 g fat (of which 0.7 mg Omega-3), 16.4 g protein, 0.5 mg iron, vitamins: B1 and B2.


Avoid / Catch

Atlantic Ocean, from South Norway to Morocco and the entire Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Fish fact

Brill, like turbot, changes color depending on the place where it was caught. On sandy bottoms, brill has almost the color of tongue and on muddy subsoil the color of dark chocolate.

More information

The brill is mainly caught as by-catch in plaice and sole fisheries. The supply is therefore regular.