(Anarhicha lupus)

The fish species is brought in as by-catch in the sole and plaice fisheries in the Netherlands, but never much. The Netherlands is dependent on Germany, Russia and Norway for the import of wolffish, which can have consequences for the price and quality.

Back dark blue-grey, flanks and belly green-brown. flanks with 9 - 13 dark vertical bands. Maximum length 1.25 m.


It is an excellent fish with a unique taste.

Method of preparation

Because catfish has firm meat, many methods of preparation are possible: baking, steaming, stewing, grilling and barbecuing. On the skin side there may be a white, stiff membrane that can be tough and must therefore be removed.

Nutritional values

546 kJ / 128 kcal, 2.8 g fat (of which 0.7 mg Omega-3), 15 g protein, 0.4 mg iron, vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E.


Avoid / Catch

Atlantic Ocean, from Spitsbergen south to the White Sea, from Northern Norway to around the British Isles and Ireland, west coast of Greenland, Labrador to Cape Cod.

Fish fact

The scientific name Anarhichas means climber and that refers to the idea that people have in the Baltic Sea area, namely that the sea wolf climbs the rocks.

More information

The thick, firm skin is used to make bags, shoes and book covers. A remarkable detail is that you can see how old it is by looking at the scale of a wolffish. You can see how fast the fish has grown by the greater or lesser distance between the hardened rings.