(Cerastoderma Edule)

The Netherlands is one of the largest cockle producers in Europe. Most cockles are exported to Italy and Spain. Cockles are often already cooked on board the ship, after which they are frozen on land

The color of the cockle is pale white, the double shell is heart-shaped and has about 25 rounded ridges. Maximum 5 cm.


The meat of the cockle is lean and very tasty.

Method of preparation

Cockles are available frozen or canned. Easy to process in fish dishes, such as paella.

Nutritional values

0.9 g fat and 13 g protein


Avoid / Catch

Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea.

Fish fact

No info.

More information

Cockles are fished both with cutters and manually. The fishing season with cutters runs from the end of August to November. Hand-fished clams are readily available for much of the year. facebook twitter