(Clupea haargus)

The herring goes through the same cycle every year. In the months of May and June, the herring has built up enough fat and has not yet formed roe and roe. In good weather in May, herring can quickly build up its fat content in a few days. A lot of sun means a lot of food, so that the herring can thrive. As soon as the herring contains at least 16% fat, it may appear on the market as Hollandse Nieuwe. In order to be called Hollandse Nieuwe, the herring must also be jawed, matured, salted and filleted in the traditional Dutch way. When jawing, the gills, entrails and throat are removed from the herring. The pancreas remains in place. This gland produces enzymes that cause the herring to ripen. Herring is caught almost all year round, but not all herring is suitable for buddy herring or Hollandse Nieuwe. The fat content of the herring changes throughout the year. With the different fat stages of the herring, the processing options also change.

The herring is a slender, rather small fish with one short dorsal fin and no lateral line. It has a silvery color with a blue-green back skin. Maximum length 56 cm.


In general, the meat is firm and tender in nature.

Method of preparation

Ready-made product

Nutritional values

957 kJ / 231 kcal, 18.5 g fat (of which 1.8 mg Omega-3), 18 g protein, 16 g protein, vitamins: A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D and E.


Avoid / Catch

In the cold and temperate seas in the North to the Arctic Ocean and in the South to the Bay of Biscay. Further in the North Atlantic Ocean, near Iceland, the South coast of Greenland and on the coast of the United States and Canada. A smaller species of herring occurs in the Baltic Sea.

Fish fact

Dutch new herring is also known as buddy herring. This is because buddy herring used to be called 'virgin herring', because this herring does not yet contain roe and roe. The words 'virgin herring' have been corrupted into the word 'maize herring'.

More information

Herring is a fish with a rich history. It has been one of the most important fish species for the fishing industry for centuries. Herring fishing has even led to a number of wars with England. Even today, herring is one of the most important products in the fish shop. It is the type that is sold the most.