(Chelon labrosus)

The mullet is regularly available fresh in the Netherlands, the different types are quite similar. The thick-lip mullet is often supplied to us. Some species are cultivated.

The mullet has a dark green or grey-blue back, silvery flanks with 6-7 gray longitudinal stripes and the belly is white. Maximum length 75 cm.


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Method of preparation

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Nutritional values

430 kJ / 102 kcal, 4.1 g fat, 18 g protein, 0.4 mg iron, vitamins: B and E.


Avoid / Catch

Atlantic Ocean, from Iceland to Senegal and also in the Mediterranean Sea.

Fish fact

In the Netherlands, fishmongers also call the mullet 'white salmon'

More information

Harder is widely used in the southern countries. The roe is salted and/or dried in some countries and is particularly appreciated in Japan and France.