(Mullus surmuletus)

Nicknamed the king of gurnards, one would think this small, highly prized fish is a gurnard. However, this is incorrect. Mullet is a red mullet that tastes excellent. The best time for mullet is September/October.

Back and flanks are reddish with yellow stripes. Maximum length is 40 cm.


The mullet has a delicate taste. The liver of the mullet in particular tastes excellent. This is often left in place to increase the taste.

Method of preparation

Baked or grilled.

Nutritional values

555 kJ / 109 kcal, 3.8 g fat (of which 0.8 mg Omega-3), 19 g protein, 0.3 mg iron, vitamins B and E.


Avoid / Catch

Eastern Atlantic Ocean, from the northern North Sea to Senegal Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.

Fish fact

No info.

More information

In recent years, mullet has also regularly appeared in the nets of Dutch beam trawlers during the summer months. A few Dutch vessels fish specifically for this fish and supply exceptionally good quality in Urk and Scheveningen.