Norwegian Lobster

(Nephrops norvegicus)

Norwegian lobster, also known as langoustine, is caught by the Dutch fishing fleet. The tail is the only edible part of the langoustine.

Pink-orange to orange in color, with dark spots on the claws and abdomen. Length maximum 25 cm.


The meat is lean and has a refined taste.

Method of preparation

Boil or fry

Nutritional values

125 kJ, 0.6 - 2 g fat, 19 g protein.


Avoid / Catch

Eastern Atlantic Ocean, around Iceland, from Norway and the Faroe Islands to Northwest Africa, Mediterranean Sea.

Fish fact

No info.

More information

Another name for the langoustine is the Italian 'scampi'. This lobster is often confused with the large shrimp, the king prawn. That is not strange, because if the two animals are sold as separate tails, they are difficult to distinguish from each other. The langoustine is easily recognisable: long thin claws and protruding spines and feelers on the head.