(Penaeus semisulcatus)

Gamba is a commonly used name for a large group of shrimps from one family, the so-called peneid shrimps. A shrimp is a crustacean that belongs to the crustaceans. This often leads to confusion in the names 'scampi' and 'gamba'. To be clear: a gamba is a large shrimp and a scampi is a small lobster. When they are sold as loose tails the difference is hard to tell. The king prawn is also called giant shrimp or Chinese shrimp

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Method of preparation

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Nutritional values

fat 1 gram, protein 20.7 grams, water 76 grams, sodium 1.5 mg, carbohydrates 0.19 mg.


Avoid / Catch

Regions of origin include: West Africa, Central America and East Asia.

Fish fact

Gambas are often available already cooked. These can be eaten cold as is. They can also be used for hot dishes. The heating must be done very quickly, otherwise they will become dry. Raw prawns are cooked in almost boiling water or in fish stock in 3-4 minutes. Grilling or baking is of course also possible.

More information

In the trade there are 5 classes I to V. Gamba I is the largest, descending to Gamba V. Gambas are for sale both cooked and raw (from the freezer). Peeling for preparation is often necessary. The method is as follows: First remove the head, push the legs apart with your thumbs so that the armor breaks at the bottom and peel off the shell. Then remove the tail.