(Raja clavata)

There are a number of species of rays, of which the stingray or thorn ray is most often supplied in the Netherlands. Rays are not flatfish, but flatfish. Flatfish are born as round fish, after a few weeks the body shape changes and takes on a flat shape.

Upperside yellow-brown with irregularly shaped, dark brown spots. Underside is whitish. Maximum length 1 m.


The taste is sweet and pleasant. The fish meat is firm.

Method of preparation

Stewed and fried.

Nutritional values

355 kJ / 85 kcal, 0.2 g fat, 20 g protein, 0.5 mg iron, vitamins B and E


Avoid / Catch

Atlantic coasts of Europe and Africa, from the Arctic Circle to South Africa, also in the Mediterranean Sea and the western part of the Black Sea.

Fish fact

The skate wings can have a slightly ammonia-like smell, this is a natural phenomenon. This smell disappears during cooking. The ray should be consumed fairly soon after purchase.

More information

The culinary part of the ray is entirely in its wings, these are the strongly developed pectoral fins. Ray wings take up a third of the body weight. A fresh skate wing is light pink in color and has a firm texture. The whiter the color, the older the wing.