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Are you looking for a smoked eel supplier for your catering business near Tilburg in Brabant? Then go and order your smoked eel from fish wholesaler Koman in Moerdijk. We specialize in catching and selling different types of fish and fish products. Part of our range of smoked eel that you can order consists of our own catch and our wholesaler smokes the eel in its own smokehouse.

A smoked eel supplier with its own smokehouse

We deliver fish and fish products for the catering industry in South Holland, Brabant and Limburg. As a wholesaler, we have been specialized as a smoked eel supplier since the 1970s. Previously, the fish trade was only a (smoked) eel supplier and even today this fish is still an important part of our versatile range. In our fish trade for the catering industry, we strive for the best quality and we process the smoked eel that you can order from us into a top product in our own smokehouse.

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Sustainably smoked eel supplier

As eel lovers, we think it is important that the next generation can also order smoked eel. That is why, as a wholesaler of smoked eel, we ensure that farming is sustainable. Most products in our fish wholesaler have an MSC quality mark and as a smoked eel supplier, this fish species cannot be left behind. All smoked eels you can order from us the versatile fish assortment, are SEG certified. We are also affiliated with NeVePaling and DUPAN, which means that part of the proceeds for each eel fillet sold goes to these sustainable goals.

What is the SEG certificate?

The SEG certificate is the result of a collaboration at an international level between scientists, conservation groups, consultants and the commercial sector. They are committed to eel in Europe. We like it as fish supplier in Brabant important to commit ourselves to this as well. In our wholesale, the smoked eel is SEG certified, which means that:

  • Our eel fillets are traceable,
  • The smoked eel from our range has been obtained within the catch quota,
  • The products meet the requirements for responsible fishing.

Catching SEG eels greatly reduces mortality and by-catch. The certification also indicates that our smoked eel wholesaler has a complete record of the catch and trade. Now that is responsible smoked eel that you want to order for your catering business!

Contact us by phone for an order in eel

Do you want to use us as a smoked eel supplier for your restaurant? Take contact us to place your order. You can also contact us by phone at 0168-412422 reach out for a direct discussion. We look forward to having you order smoked eel for your business soon!

Special catering service

Daily supply of live and fresh fish and frozen fish products takes place from all over the world. The refrigerated fleet provides the best service with a six-day delivery. In addition, our own inland fishing company catches live zander, among other things. Can't be fresher!

Filleting, portioning and packaging of the fish are all done within the company. In our own smokehouse, both farmed and "wild" eel are processed into a top product. Catering companies can email us for more information at

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