The catering industry

If you opt for quality, service and competitive prices, then you opt for Koman's vishandel BV. You can rest assured that our products are treated with the utmost care. Koman's fish shop is HACCP certified and therefore works fully according to these standards.

The new, modern company building is divided into various work areas where the required temperatures are maintained separately, so that the fish is processed and stored at the right temperature.

Special catering service

Daily supply of live and fresh fish and frozen fish products takes place from all over the world. The refrigerated fleet provides the best service with a six-day delivery. In addition, our own inland fishing company catches live zander, among other things. Can't be fresher!

Filleting, portioning and packaging of the fish are all done within the company. In our own smokehouse, both farmed and "wild" eel are processed into a top product. Catering companies can email us for more information at

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